Broadcast Television Credits

Producer, Director, Editor, “Movers and Makers with Susie Frazier”, Gordon Recht Productions, Inc., WKYC (NBC), 2017

Editor, “Running Wild with Bear Grylls”, Electus, NBC, 2016, 2017

Lead Editor, “Dope Man”, Bischoff-Hervey Ent., A&E, 2017

Editor, “A Little Too Farr”, STX Entertainment, go90, 2017

Lead Editor, “Southern Justice”, Electus, Nat Geo, 2016

Co-Executive Producer, Editor, “Celebrity Wife Swap”, Zodiac Media, ABC, 2013-2014

Lead Editor, “Dog and Beth On the Hunt”, Electus, CMT, 2013-2015

Editor, Basketball Wives of LA Reunion Show, Shed Media, VH1, 2015

Editor, “Style by Jury”, Electus, TLC, 2015

Supervising Producer, “Bizzare Foods with Andrew Zimmern”, Tremendous!, Travel, 2012

Director, “Restaurant Impossible”, Shooters Productions, Food Network, 2012

Editor, “The Price is Right”, Fremantle, CBS, 2012

Editor, “Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, Making the Team”, Triage Ent, CMT, 2012

Director, “Kid in a Candy Store”, O’Malley Productions, Food Network, 2011

Field Producer, “VH1 Behind the Music”, MTV Prods., 2010

Consulting Producer, “Christina Ferarre’s Big Bowl of Love”, Gay Rosenthal Prods., OWN, 2010

Director, Editor, “Holiday of Stars”, Steve Lange Prods., ABC Network, 2009

Editor, “Chefography”, Weller/ Grossman Prods., Food Network, 2009

Director, “Allstar Tribute to the Movies”, Intersport, ABC Network, winter 2008 Pre-Oscar special featuring George Clooney

Director, “Dear Food Network”, Embassy Row Prods, Food Network, 2008

Director, Editor, “Simply Delicioso”, Citizen Pictures, Food Network, 2007-08

Director, “Work That Room with Christopher Lowell”, RIVR Media, Fine Living, 2008-09

Director, “Dinner Impossible”, Shooters, Inc., Food Network, 2007

Producer, Editor, “Eddie Murphy’s Delirious, the Making of the DVD”,
Starz Network, Entertainment Studios, 2006

Director, “Shopping with Chefs”, Screen Door Ent, Fine Living, 2006-07

Director, “Everyday Italian”, Teale/Edwards Productions, Food Network, 2006

Studio Director, “Craft Lab, Knitty Gritty, Uncommon Threads”, Screen Door Ent. HGTV, 2006-07

Director, Editor, Writer, “BBQ with Bobby Flay”, W.G. Longstore Productions,
Food Network, 2004-05

Field Director, Editor, “Strictly Dr. Drew”, W.G. Longstore Productions, Discovery Health, 2005-06

Studio Director, Editor, “Wolfgang Puck’s Cooking Class”, W.G. Longstore Productions, Food Network, 2003-05

Consultant, Editor, “The New Tom Green Show”, Tom Green Productions, MTV Network, 2003

Field Director, Editor, Writer, “Wolfgang Puck”, W.G. Longstore Productions,
Food Network, 2000-03

Field Director, Editor, “Heroes for the Planet Featuring Charlotte Church”,
A&E Network, W.G. Longstore Productions, 2000

Field Director, “Miss America Pageant”, Jeff Margolis Productions, ABC Network, 1998-99

Field Director, “Miss America Pageant Preview Hour”, Jeff Margolis Productions, ABC Network, 1999

Field Director, “Popstars”, Stone/Stanley Productions, WB Network, 2001

Field Director, Writer, Editor, “Year’s Most Fascinating Women”, Blanki & Bodi Productions, CBS Network, 1998-99

Field Director, “Headliners & Legends”, Blanki & Bodi Productions, MSNBC, 2001

Field Director, Editor, “Bikini Blast”, Big Daddy Productions, Travel Channel, 1999- 2000

Field Director, “Miss USA Pageant”, Blanki & Bodi Productions, CBS Network, 1998

Field Director, Writer, “Leeza”, Paramount Domestic Television, 1994-98

Field Director, Writer, Editor, “Interior Motives with Christopher Lowell”
W.G. Longstore Productions, Discovery Channel, 1996-98

Field Director, “Queen for a Day”, Pilot, 20th Century Prods. 1998

Field Director, Writer, Editor, “Hollywood Salutes Easter Seals”, W.G. Longstore Prod., Synd., 1999

Field Director, Writer, “Where Are They Now?” Blanki & Bodi Prod.,
CBS Network, 1995-97

Field Director, Writer, “The Dating Game”, Avoca Productions, Columbia-Tristar, 1996-97

Field Director, Writer, “Caryl & Marilyn- Real Friends”, ABC Prod., Viacom, 1996

Field Director, Writer, “Live In America”, ABC Pilot, M.J. Productions, 1996

Technical Director, Editor, “40th Annual Pablo Casals Festival”, A & E,
W/G Prod., 1996

Co-Producer, “Dateline NBC”, NBC News, NBC Productions, 1995

Field Director, Writer, Editor, “Mike & Maty”, ABC Prod., Buena Vista Television, 1995

Field Director, Writer, “Name Your Adventure”, Big Daddy Prod., NBC Network, 1994

Field Director, Writer, Editor, “Home Show”, Reeves Entertainment, ABC Network, 1989-94